In 2009, for a logo design competition I submitted the design we can see here below. The theme was diversity and the concept of the design was, obviously, human head bones plastered with common senses we all share. The catch phrase tried to unite the theme of diversity with the word open-mind and, moreover, the idea of loving diversity was added. This 6 year old design wasn't chosen in the final winners. Recently, on Facebook I saw a shared video that provided me with the same kind of pride a win from that design competition would have given me. The reason is that the concept of this video,from the lovehasnolabels.com website, is the exact same concept I came with. Anyhow, I just thought the video was beautiful and to the point so I thought I'd share this thought.... However, I still wonder if I should see this as me being ahead of time or me having been stolen from a leaky source somehow. I'm more of an idealist so I'll sit with the former. ;)