J.S. Mayrand graduated from the Architecture department at Laval University, Quebec, Canada in 2001 before working as an Intern/Junior architect for 6 years in Montreal, Canada. In 2005, he started his freelance business under the name AGRAPH 3 Design. AGRAPH 3, from the French agrafe (staple), started as 3 fields bound together: Architecture, GRAphic design and Photography. Although he has left the world of architecture firms, he remains in contact with it through teaching, doing photography and creating installations for his own exhibitions. Therefore, the first 'A' for architecture in Agraph 3 has progressively turned into 'A' for art.

Since the freelance start up he was selected twice, out of hundreds of designs, in the group of 20 winners for the One Top Logo contest, has had his pictures selected two years in a row in the national JET calendar competition and has made several individual exhibitions as well as participated in group shows. In 2013, he graduated from the Visual Design MFA course at Kyoto Seika University and started the Doctorate course there the following school year in the Art Research department. He completed his doctoral research on Henri Michaux's Movements 4 years later in March of 2017.

His current main occupations are teaching at Kyoto Zokei University of Art and Design and continuing to explore graphic design with kanji etymology. He is presently looking for a full-time position in graphic design, illustration or art at university. He hopes to instruct and enlighten creative learning minds to Japanese kanji character's structure, meaning and origin in order to stimulate novel viewpoints, uncover new artistic paths and, consequently, open hidden doors.